Rayned Wiles

Greg Avakian

Rayned Wiles (DC) & Greg Avakian (Philadelphia, PA)

The 9:20 Special continues to bring in a great line-up of featured DJs to keep the music swinging, non-stop, well into the night! Special Guest DJs Rayned Wiles and Greg Avakian will joining Manu to DJ the night away on August 3, 2006.

Rayned Wiles is one of the East Coast's most popular DJs with a busy schedule. He is a nationally-known DJ with extensive experience working conventions, dance camps, and national competitions. He has worked at Swing clubs throughout the country. He DJs a weekly Wednesday dance at K2 in the Washington DC area.

"I think the point of djing is to ensure that everyone is having a great time through music. My music of choice is swing jazz blues. I like Fats Waller's view that swing is "two-thirds rhythm and one-third soul." And Carmen McRae's reminder that "Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread-without it, it's flat."

Greg Avakian has been teaching and DJing Lindy and WCS in Philadelphia, PA for over 10 years. He is well known for perennially spinning at competition events like Danvers, Summer Hummer, Boston Tea Party, NADC, Beantown, SONH as well as appearing at exchanges and dance events across the continent from Miami to Montreal and New York City to Los Angeles. Greg is the DJ coordinator for the American Lindy Hop Championships. His style mixes classic swing with very groovy blues and other sweet & funky stuff. For more information on Greg please visit their website at www.geocities.com/SwingboyPA/.

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