Shane is thrilled to share his love of lindy hop and swing music with the dancers of San Francisco. He frequently spins music in the peninsula at the weekly dances hosted by Swing Central and Wednesday Night Hop. Shane varies his sets ranging from big band and gypsy jazz to doo wop and Motown.

“When a couple is in sync with in the music, everything just happens without a thought. It becomes all about connecting and communicating through feel and sound. Having an amazing dance to a tune you love or a tune you’ve never heard before, that’s what keeps you coming back to the dance floor. As I DJ, I think it’s important to mix things up, to go from songs that are all about rhythm and pace to songs that are romantic and airy. For a great night of dancing, you should be able to use your entire repertoire/ dance vocabulary throughout the night. I hope to see everything from slow drags and long smooth swingouts to scissors whips and hacksaws. ”

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