Taster: 30-Minute Beginner Taster Class

If you are brand new to swing and lindy hop and want to see what it's all about, but aren't able to commit to the full series, then this class is for you! Every Thursday from 9:00-9:30 PM, we offer a 30-minute taster class included in the price of dance admission. Open to everyone, but geared toward beginners, this class will give you a taste of why Lindy Hop is our favorite partner dance. You'll learn some fun moves you can practice immediately following the class at our social dance party.

Lindy 1 : for beginners

If you are brand new to swing and lindy hop or have only studied a little, this class is for you. No partner or experience necessary. This class will show you some of the fundamental moves and get you out on the dance floor having fun. There will be 2 months of curriculum and you need to take both before moving on, but you can take them in any order.

Lindy 2 : for those who've got the basics down, AKA pre-intermediate to intermediate students

After you've taken both months of Lindy 1 and feel like you've got some of the fundamentals down, this is the next step. These classes will help you grow your vocabulary, work on your technique, and become an adept social dancer. There will be 4 months of curriculum and you must take all of them to move on, but you can take them in any order.

Lindy 3 : for solid intermediate students looking to keep learning

If you've been studying Lindy Hop for 6 months to a year, feel like a solid social dancer, and want to be challenged to move your dancing to the next level, Lindy 3 is the right place for you. There will be 3 months of rotating topics, but teachers will bring their own special ideas to these classes so they can be taken over and over again.

Level 4 : for advanced students

This is the place for teachers to bring special topics and interesting ideas to our community. It will vary in concept, style, topic, level, teachers, etc. You'll need to look at each month's offerings before deciding if this class is right for you.