The 9:20 Special is San Francisco's Premiere Thursday Night Swing Dance Party that has been a staple of the San Francisco Dance scene since 1998. Originally started by internationally renowned Lindy Hop instructors Paul & Sharon as a practice party for their students, The 9:20 Special quickly evolved into the most popular spot to go dancing in the Bay Area. Today, The 9:20 Special regularly draws crowds of close to 200 dancers a week and is known as one of the most friendly, fun, and welcoming dances in the Bay Area.

Every week The 9:20 Special offers Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate+ and Advanced classes followed by a social dance in our big, beautiful ballroom with music provided by nationally acclaimed DJs like Allen Kerr, special guests from around the world, as well as many talented local DJs spinning your favorite music.

From January 2004 through the spring of 2009, The 9:20 Special was run by Jeff Ho, a long time 9:20 Special volunteer and supporter, and Manu Smith, International Lindy Hop instructor and cofounder of

In April 2009, the leadership of The 9:20 Special was passed to an enthusiastic Lindy Hopper by the name of Kirk Tarou. Kirk has a staff which includes new and familiar faces: Manu is an advisor, teacher and DJ, Ann Mony is our Education Coordinator, Allen Kerr is our DJ Coordinator, Iris Tarou is our Marketing and Promotions Manager, Laurie Caird is the resident Designer, and James McGraw and Marissa Sonkin coordinate volunteers.

The 9:20 Special is held every Thursday at the Russian Center in San Francisco. Street parking is relatively easy to find. Click here for parking tips.

Check out the calendar to find out what's happening at The 9:20 Special.

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